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Do you have a vintage website?

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Vintage automobile? Yes! Vintage website? Uh.. no and here’s why.

If your website was created 3+ years ago and not updated since it launched, then you need to reconsider your approach to managing what can be a highly effective sales tool. If you can’t login in and make changes easily to your site, then you are a perfect candidate for a website refresh.

First impressions – oh how they last

In 2015, a high percentage of consumers will Google-search (an increasing number from their phones) the products and services they want prior to making a buying decision. Your website is the first impression you offer these potential clients about your company, your products and services. If your site is outdated or no longer accurately represents your business as it functions today, then their first impression will not encourage to interact with you. So what happens next? Potential customers click the ‘back’ button, continue their search to find your competitors which = opportunity lost. If competitive websites are current and informational accurate, chances are the competition will win the business.

A Living Website = Higher Search Engine Rankings

Shoals Works - Living Website ConceptSearch engine rankings are given to websites after the search engine robots (aka: bots) crawls a website, searching for contents and keywords. When new content is added, the bots are programmed to return to your website and crawl it again. The more edits you make on your website, the more bots have to reevaluate and recatalog your site. This equates to higher ranking of your website in search engines. By using a ‘living website’ approach in updating your content regularly, removing old content to keep your website current, you can increase your site’s search engine ranking and gain more visitors. Related blog

Customers Interacting with Your Website

The more time a prospect or customer spends on your website, the more likely they are to purchase your services or products. New content gives customers and prospects a reason to keep coming back to your website and interact with your online presence. Consider adding fresh content daily/weekly. Good content like valuable industry tips, important news and new product information will ensure visitors will have a reason to return to your site.

Driving Website Traffic

How to get visitors to return to your website? Consider maintaining a email blast list with a service like MailChimp. Collecting customer email addresses and sending them updates (they opt into) can be one of the easiest yet most powerful ways to engage your consumers. Social media is specifically powerful when you use a service like Twitter to broadcast a link to your website’s new content.

Company Contact Information

People are using the Internet to search for business contact information all the time. They forget to write down phone numbers and street addresses knowing that a quick Google search should provide said info at a moments notice.Your website as a reference for your customers and potential clients. If you have a website for a traditional brick and mortar store, customers may want to know your weekend hours, store phone number, or other information. Your website may be the first place they look. If you’ve changed your hours, but not the information on your website, it could lead to a frustrating situation for those customers.

It’s important to keep your website current if you want to stand out over your competition and continue to gain new clients. A stale website simply will not engage customers the way a current website will. This may cause just enough frustration to cause a website visitor to click the ‘back’ button and move on to choose a competitor over you.

Where To Go From Here?

At Shoals Works – we know great websites are living and breathing entities that require attention. Think of your site as a plant or child. Both need water, food and a good amount of nurturing to grow. New content added each week/month will ensure your website accurately represents your company’s offerings and brand awareness.

Site updates and new content can be obtained in a number of ways. You can utilize a robust content management system like WordPress and Shopify. Updates do take a bit of your time, but the process can be as simple as drafting and sending an email. If you don’t have the time to undertake website updates, well crafted maintenance plans from your webmaster can handle updates for you.

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